About Us

What we do

We specialize in Microgreens and Hydroponically grown produce because of their valuable health benefits and delicious flavor. Our mission is to improve the health and sustainability of our local community.

All products are grown to order and delivered weekly to homes, workplaces, juice bars, health food stores, restaurants, yoga studios, and fitness centers.

Our Vision

To help individuals, families, businesses, and communities receive the highest nutrition from our locally grown high-quality microgreens. 

Our Founders

Get to know us. 

aaron m

Aaron Marinucci


Aaron's Story

Get to know Aaron Marinucci

My name is Aaron and I partnered with Isaac Maing for one very specific reason, to bring health into our neighborhoods.
I was in Technology sales for over 20 years and it really took a toll on my health. With long hours came a lot of extra pounds and a very unhealthy lifestyle. I needed a change. So when Isaac took me to lunch and asked me to go along with him on this Microgreen journey, I said to myself this couldn’t be better timing, I’m all in.
I started my health journey in January 2021 and recently lost upwards of 80 lbs. I have been walking and eating healthy every day. And now my focus is to grow nutritious yummy Microgreens and deliver them fresh to your table every week.

farmers market A

Isaac Maing


Isaac's Story

Get to know Issac Maing

After going non-stop in a start-up law firm and dealing with the daily grind as an attorney, my body took a beating both mentally and physically. With numerous health scares and trips to the hospital, I decided to change, beginning with what I ate. That’s how I stumbled upon microgreens, plant-based foods, and their health benefits.

Eventually, I partnered with Aaron Marinucci and founded Rapha Farms, a cool, vertical farming concept that turned into reality. Rapha Farms is uniquely positioned to share the health and nutritional benefits of microgreens with the surrounding community.

I hope you enjoy eating fresh, living food as much as I do, and thank you for allowing Rapha Fresh to be part of this journey to a healthier you.

Microgreens by Rapha Farms

Eat healthy and the greatest amount of plant nutrients. 

Organic sprouts of mung beans,chick peas,alfalfa and pea leaf isolated on white background